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The current user agreement of the website https://othere-store.com (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) is a public offer and defines the terms of use of materials and services posted on the website on the Internet at: https://othere-store.com, visitors and users of this website (hereinafter referred to as the website, users).

1. General terms and conditions

1.1. The website was created in order to ensure the functioning of the online store https://othere-store.com .
The site belongs to and is used by Pussy Jussi, LLC legal address: Generala Rychagova str., house 21, apartment 18, room 4, 125183, Moscow, ogrn 1227700022780, tin/kpp 7743373598/ 774301001.
1.2. the use of the materials and services of the site is regulated by the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
1.3. by accessing the materials of the website, the user is considered to have joined this agreement, as well as the privacy policy of the website https://othere-store.com , which is an integral part of the agreement.
1.4. Pussy Jussi, LLC has the right to change any provisions of the above documents at any time at its discretion. Users, at their discretion, check the agreement, the privacy policy for changes. The user's use of the site means acceptance of the current version of the relevant documents. Pussy Jussi, LLC has the right, but is not obliged to provide notifications in various ways about certain changes.

2. Obligations of the user

2.1. The user agrees not to take actions and not to leave comments and entries that may be considered as violating Russian legislation or international law, including in the field of intellectual property, copyright and/or related rights, generally accepted norms of morality and morality, as well as any actions that lead or may lead to a violation of normal the work of the site and the services of the site.
2.2. the use of the site materials without the consent of the copyright holder is not allowed.
2.3. when quoting website materials, including copyrighted works, a link to the website is mandatory.
2.4. Pussy Jussi, LLC is not responsible for the user's visit and use of external resources, links to which may be contained on the site.

3. Cybercrimes

3.1. The user has no right to use the site for the introduction of any viruses, Trojans, network worms, logic bombs or any other malicious and dangerous programs. The user must not attempt to access the site, server, database related to the site in an unauthorized manner. The user undertakes not to carry out any attacks against the site, including distributed or denial of service attacks.
3.2. using the necessary knowledge and skills, Pussy Jussi, LLC ensures the security of the site, the absence of software errors, viruses or other defects.
With the exception of cases of negligent attitude to the protection of the site, Pussy Jussi, LLC is not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused by any attack, for example, by a denial of service type, a virus or any malicious software, material that may be dangerous to the user's device, equipment or data, in connection with the use of the site, as well as with any downloads from the site, the content of the site, links from the site.

4. Intellectual property

4.1. All materials posted on the website, including text, photos, images, information, graphics, logos, design, download materials, goods and other objects (hereinafter referred to as content) belong to or are used under license or otherwise legally by Pussy Jussi, LLC. The user must refrain from using the content, including reproduction, distribution, processing of the content.
4.2. the user's ability to use the site does not constitute a permission to use the content (except in cases and in ways expressly permitted by this agreement). Illegal use of the content in any way is prohibited.
4.3. the user has the right to use the content available on the site exclusively in various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, instagram, whatsapp, vk or similar, and exclusively for non-commercial purposes. Such use of the content is possible only for the demonstration of goods and does not constitute the transfer/granting of any intellectual or other rights to the content of the site.

5. Use of the site

5.1. By using the site, the user guarantees that he has already turned 18 (eighteen) years old or has turned 14 (fourteen) years old and at the same time, to make purchases on the site, the user uses his own funds (earnings, scholarship, etc.) or the cost of the order does not exceed 2,000 rubles (which is insignificant for the user and his family) or has the right to conclude a purchase and sale agreement with pussy jussi LLC on another legal basis, in connection with which the user is fully responsible for any actions performed on the site, including for concluded retail purchase and sale agreements.
5.2. the user must not:
- use the site in violation of applicable law;
- create fake, speculative or fraudulent orders (if there are grounds to believe that the placed order is such, Pussy Jussi, LLC has the right to cancel the order);
- impersonate another user or provide fake account information;
- use the site for the purpose of harming, attacking, harassing, insulting, spying, threatening or insulting others in any other way;
- reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or otherwise use the site or any part of it for commercial purposes without the express written consent of Pussy Jussi, LLC;
- engage in framing or use similar technologies in relation to content without the express written consent of Pussy Jussi, LLC;
- collect data using mining, robots or similar data extraction tools;
- interfere or disrupt the work, create an unreasonable load on the site.
5.3. Pussy Jussi, LLC reserves the right to block or suspend access to the site for any user.
5.4. Pussy Jussi, LLC is not responsible and does not assume any obligations with respect to any material that has been uploaded, posted, transmitted or otherwise made available on the site due to the actions of anyone other than Pussy Jussi, LLC.

6. Terms of downloading the site content

6.1. The content is offered to be downloaded "as is" and the user can use it at his own risk. the downloaded materials may contain significant or insignificant software errors, flaws or viruses that may cause computer systems to stop working. Users should check the downloaded material for viruses before using it.
6.2. there are no express or implied terms, warranties, representations or other provisions relating to any download, except in cases of limitation or exclusion of this provision as required by law.
6.3. we ask you to pay attention to the fact that we are not obliged to answer questions about the use of downloaded content.

7. Other conditions

7.1. All possible disputes arising from or related to this agreement are subject to resolution in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
7.2. the recognition by the court of any provision of the agreement as invalid or not enforceable does not entail the invalidity of other provisions of the agreement.
7.3. inaction on the part of Pussy Jussi, LLC in case of violation by any of the users of the provisions of the agreement does not deprive Pussy Jussi, LLC of the right to take appropriate actions later to protect its interests and rights to the site materials protected in accordance with the legislation.
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