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payment and delivery of the online store Øthere
availability and assortment of goods

the offer for the sale of goods presented on the website is valid subject to the availability of goods in our warehouse.
please note that the color rendering on the website depends on many factors, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the image on your device will exactly match the color of the goods that will be delivered/ received.


we work on 100% prepayment. the order is completed and the goods are shipped only after full payment of the order. partial payment of the order is not allowed.
when making an order, you can choose any convenient payment method: by bankcard (debit or credit) with any payment system: visa, visa electron, mastercard, maestro, mir. no commission is charged when paying.
payment for one order from different bankcards is not allowed.
the price of the product does not include the shipping cost.


delivery of goods is carried out only within the russian federation and the customs union. at the same time, we cannot guarantee the possibility of delivery to any point of the russian federation and the customs union.
delivery is carried out by the courier service "sdek" (www.cdek.ru ) to the door or to the delivery point "sdek".
the cost of delivery is determined at the time of placing the order, and is added to the total cost of your order.
delivery to the regions of the russian federation and the countries of the customs union is carried out within 3 working days, which is calculated from the moment the goods are transferred to sdek (and not from the moment, the order is placed on the website).
upon delivery of the order, the courier service employee is authorized to ask you to present an identity document!
upon receipt of the order, you need to check its integrity and completeness in accordance with the inventory. if you find that the product or its packaging is damaged and /or part of the goods is missing, you have the right to contact an employee of sdek with a request to record this fact.
as soon as the order is transferred for delivery to sdek, it is assigned a track number, which is sent to you by e-mail with a notification about the dispatch of the order. to track your order, enter the track number on the website or in the sdek mobile application.

courier delivery to the door

you specify a convenient delivery address for you. attention! delivery of orders weighing over 10 kg is carried out only up to the entrance.
the representative of the courier service will contact you in advance by the phone number specified when placing the order to agree on the date and time of delivery of the order.
the courier does not provide consulting services.
if, upon delivery of the order to the address specified by you within the specified time, the goods will not be transferred, the order will not be re-delivered. the goods will be stored in the sdek warehouse for 14 days, during which you can receive it by contacting the sdek office. after 14 days, the order will be sent back.

delivery to the pick-up point

when placing an order, you will be given the opportunity to choose the pick-up point on the map. at the time of receipt of the order at the point of delivery of the order, you will receive an sms message about readiness for delivery. the order will need to be received within 14 days.


you can return the goods of proper quality within 14 days of receipt.
attention! the return of goods of proper quality is possible only if its presentation and consumer properties are preserved!
attention! goods of proper quality from the list approved by the decree of the government of the russian federation dated december 31, 2020 no. 2463 are not subject to return.
in case of detection of defects in the product (defective), you can return it after the expiration of 14 days.
the return shipment is carried out at your expense. upon confirmation of the marriage, we will compensate you for these expenses.
if you want to return the product, please write to us to clarify the reason for the return and to identify your order by email: info@othere-store.com . in case of detection of a marriage, we ask you to send a photo.
you can return the product by sending it to us at the address: 105064, moscow, kazakova str., 3, p. 1, the recipient is for pussy jussi, llc øthere store.

when returning the product, you will need

- returned product; please note that all labels, tags and original packaging of the product must be preserved;
- application for a refund;
print out a paper return application by selecting the appropriate form (for the return of goods of proper or improper quality), fill it out, sign it and attach it to the parcel;
- a copy of the signed act of acceptance and transfer (the act can be found in the pocket of the transport package);
- a copy of the cash receipt for the payment of the goods (received upon successful payment of the goods to the email address specified when placing the order);
- a copy of the cash receipt confirming the costs of the return shipment.
the refund is made to the same card (account) with which you made the payment within 10 days after we actually received the goods.
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